Humility in Worship

“When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his robe and returned to his place at the table. Do you know what I have done for you?”  John 13:12

In the newest song recently written for the church I Am Made Clean (here it on the Poetry & Song tab) there is a verse that says, “I was made clean when he kneeled at my feet.” as the Lord was revealing this song to me my first reaction to this statement was not to include it. I said to myself that people would be offended by a song that puts the creator of the universe at the feet of His creation! Then I got it. My gut reaction was exactly like Peter’s in the preceding verses of John 13 when he said to the Lord, “No! -you will never wash my feet.”

Our knee jerk reaction to the Lords presence can often be to hide or withdraw because we feel unworthy as Peter did. The Lord says to Peter, “if you don’t let me do this then you will have no part with me.” Peter almost missed it! I almost missed it. Think of where Peter would be if he would have refused the Lord in that moment. He later denied even knowing Christ but I believe he was able to repent later because he had been humbled time and again by these types of encounters with Jesus.

We must approach God in worship with that kind of humility. Let the God of creation wash you clean! This should cause us to cry out as Peter did, “Lord, {wash} not just my feet but my hands and head also” (Jn 13:9).

In worship to our Lord think on this truth and on his words, “Do you know what I have done for you?” Sing it loud to the whole world that Jesus Christ knelt down at your feet and washed you clean. Then go and do the same!



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