Our Experience and Our Response

This past weekend our church family were all gathered together to discuss the public launch of a church plant in our community. We talked about why we would start a church, what it means to each of us and how we interpreted the Gospel message in our own lives. It was beautiful to hear so many different testimonies and “God stories” as our pastor calls them.  As I sat listening it was clear that the great commission was set a flame in each of our hearts even while we each had experienced God differently.

In Matt Redman’s book “Facedown” he says,

“All worship is a response to a revelation; it’s only as we breathe in more of the wonders of God that we can breathe out a fuller response to Him.”

That statement rings true in our church family. God has miraculously touched each person there in a very distinctive way and how they honor Him with their lives in worship clearly shows the individual touch of the Savior.

As a lead worshiper for the church I am thinking about what our worship will look like as we go into the community and rescue souls. When we officially launch Spring Community Church to the public, our corporate gatherings and worship shouldn’t look like the church on the corner or down the street. We won’t look or sound like a mega church when we worship nor will it look like any one particular denomination. Our worship as a community of believers, as a people broken and humbled before a mighty King, will distinctively be our own offered up to God. It will be shaped by the response of each new person who is touched by the Holy Spirit and calls upon Jesus. Anything less would be false, a lie. It would be religiosity to mimic another congregation in worship or try to follow some statistically proven method of “doing church.”

Every New Year, people make resolutions. I was never good at reading the bible in a year or starting a 5-am devotional time. A pastor friend of mine recently gave everyone a good goal to shoot for this year in 2012; he said to get more of God. Pretty broad goal but that was the point. Each of us who call on Jesus as our Savior have the very same mind (1 Cor 2:16) of Christ to individually discern the world around us in which we live. With that same mind we will all experience God differently and our response to Him should translate as uniquely in our gospel presentation, worship and gatherings.

As we press on in the new year, let your life become a personal song, offered up to the Lord in worship. Become an awestruck worshiper, living every note of your existence in response to His glory!


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