Worship In The Beginning

“(20) You see, all of creation has collapsed into emptines, not by its own choosing, but by God’s. Still He placed within it a deep and abiding hope (21) that creation would one day be liberated from its slavery to corruption and experience the glorious freedom of the children of God. (22) For we know that all creation groans in unison with birthing pains up until now.” -Romans 8:20-22 The Voice

We must worship God out of a deep yearning of gratitude and a fathomless longing to be restored in relationship to our Heavenly Father, as it was intended to be in the beginning.

In the book of Genesis, Gods word reveals how ferocious and powerfully the world was formed. Light flashed into being, separated from darkness, a vast expanse formed separating the waters above from the waters below- evening gave way to morning and on and on it goes. Then the crowning jewel of God’s creation; He reaches down, breathes life into dust and creates a human, with a living soul made in the image the Triune God. While seeing that all He created was good, He still was not satisfied that man was alone. He needed a companion and so He fashioned woman, Eve, out of the rib of Adam, the first man.

Such a divine picture. One that no Hollywood big budget film could ever come close to reproducing. No master artist could even begin to brush the colors of creations origins onto a canvas. Yet in all its resplendent beauty, there came the suspicion that God was not good. Thus the forbidden fruit was eaten and sin entered into the world. Leaving our Creator no choice, because of the sin now separating  His precious son and daughter from Him, we were cursed along with all of creation. Fortunately for us the story didn’t end there. The Eternal One, God the Father continued out His plan of redemption, foreshadowing the coming of the Messiah, Jesus the Anointed One, the Christ-man to be one of us and take our death and the penalty for our sin to the cross. The high price now paid in full once and for all, overcoming death itself, Jesus then inscribes the final judgement upon the enemy of our soul; to be cast into darkness, eternal isolation and anguish.

Earlier this week I was blessed to share the beginning of Gods creation story out of Genesis with my children. You could see the wonder in their eyes as I read it aloud. They were trying to picture it in their minds, trying to grasp the imagery. It provoked a thought; do I approach God in the same way? Do I come to him in awe, wonder and rapture at the thought of who He is? As if I were Adam, opening my new eyes for the first time to see my loving creators smiling down at me? Our children’s innocent joy can teach us a great deal about worship.

Tonight my family and I were blessed to be able to see Act-1 of a ballet, that told the story of creation through dance. We went to support a dear friend. The dancers beautifully represented nature and animals as they moved in wonderful expression of the creation of all things. While we couldn’t stay for Act-2 of the ballet production, I am told it deals with the fall and the eventual redemption of man and all of creation. Seeing the characters reminded me again, that the act of God creating, of speaking into existence the universe itself, was no small task to disremember.

Jesus himself, at his enterence into Jeruselam rebuked the religous leaders who shouted at Jesus to silence his followers. Jesus  said to them, “Listen- if they were silent, the very rocks would start to shout!” (Luke 19:40) and how fitting it would have been. Creation itself knows how far it has fallen from the Garden. It’s so easy to go through the motions in a “church service” on a Sunday morning forgetting the dust where we came from. Yet, God’s love and redemption through Jesus implore us to stop and “remember what it was like before we fell” (Rev 2:5) to return to “first love” when we once walked with Him in the Garden.

How do you express wonder and awe to the God that created you? What do your folded arms across your chest during a prayer or worship service tell you about your relationship with One who spread His arms wide for you? No matter where you are or what your day consists of; let your mind and imagination reach out, as though you were a child again, to the inception of creation that was made for us to walk through with our Heavenly Father. Worship God today in that knowledge, in awe and wonder! Join with all of creation and cry out in worship to our Liberating King, Jesus!


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